Rowan feels dumb and THE GUILD is back!

I love my game of choice. I think everyone knows that by now. There are moments though when it becomes overwhelming.

I have been working on re-outfitting a couple of my girls. They needed to have some gear changed out and stat items and weapons checked. It's sort of a once a Mod check up for them.

I have been running the Shroud raid a lot and one of my guild mates keeps asking if my rogue has a vorpal. My answer is always no. She does not have a vorpal. Being that she is pure rogue, I quickly learned she is simple weapons only and the only real choice I had for a vorpal was a sickle. So the hunt began.

I got brave enough yesterday to post on the trade forums. I think that may have been a first for me. I learned there are three vorpal sickles out there. Getting the items needed to trade for them is proving elusive. One person e-mailed me but then has not responded to my follow up e-mail. Two others have vorpal sickles. I am trying to get with everyone to see if I can trade.

But I digress. This whole debate about gear got me all kinds of confused and upset last night. Which is truly just silly. I finally dissolved into a pool of tears after my guild spent an hour debating what weapon I should use and why something would hit and confirm and so on and so forth. I learned during the discussion my rogue was not optimally built.

Alright, theres the part that had me in knots. I thought I had built her well. Apparently I have too much intelligence on her and not enough dexterity. I have weapon finesse, but my to hit is too low. *Blows out a breath*

What really got to me was how little I understood about all of this. I thought I understood how things interacted in DDO, but the discussion over my build, my weapon choices and my gear seems to show I really don't. What I have is a cursory knowledge of the game.

My boyfriend spent last night explaining some of this to me. He helped me redo my enhancements, redo my feats and we went over her gear and weapons. Turns out she really is very balanced. I am not a huge min/maxer. So I was pleased with some of the changes.

Still, it kinda left me feeling confused and frustrated. I think what it boils down to is I am an over achiever. I like to be really good at what I do. Last night I felt dumb when the guys were bandying numbers and gear and builds about. I really just felt like a dim bulb.

What I need is a list of stuff. I need to organize some of this information I need to learn. So if I need to use a banisher why? I have flaming burst and I use it when? Wounding and puncturing doesn't work on what?

It's all too much. I also need a lesson on to hit. My rogues is low. Why is that?

I am still feeling weighed down. I am hoping some of you out there can help point me to some good information. I am hoping to start a new spreadsheet with some weapon types and what to use when. I have to have it written down. It's how I learn and retain information.

So I am off to DDO school.

On a good news front, THE GUILD has a new video up. The last couple simply haven't been as funny to me. This one is funny, but a few parts of it seemed forced funny. Am I making sense?
Watch and enjoy episode 9.

I am off to get some work done. I have some meetings today. What is it with Thursdays and meetings? At least it is almost Friday?