Podcast, Magazines and Eww its Monday

Another weekend come and gone. I miss it already. I was super lazy this weekend. I loved every second of it. I think I mentioned that I have a couple of really busy weekends coming up, so I treated myself to a blissful weekend on my couch.

I played some Guitar Hero 3 on the Playstation. I discovered I really am getting better at it. Kinda frightening considering it took me a long long time to figure out how to get through the first run on easy. A couple of hours this weekend and I am almost done with the next level. Course my hands hurt as do my wrists. The guitar is simply uncomfortable after a while.

I also raided my rear end off in DDO. I have a solid crafting plan in place now. I have waffled back and forth on what to build for my first item, but I think I may have found a winner. Maybe.

  • Wizardry VI
  • Wisdom 6
  • Diplomacy +10
  • Haggle +10
  • +50 spell points
  • +100 spell points

Like I said. It is a plan in motion. I am still not sure about all of it. Thankfully I have a really patient person who walks me through all of this on almost a daily basis. LOL :D

Ohhhh. I pulled a great weapon this weekend after a Shroud completion. My cleric pulled a plus 3 wounding and puncturing dagger. I immediately sent it over to my rogue. I duoed the spider quest out in the Vale last night and wow. All I can say is that weapon is sweet. I was actually kinda a tank for a little while. :D

The new podcast is up. It featured Rowanheal, Alex of the Monk segment, and Cowendicus and Jerry doing a talk on exploiting in DDO. The conversation was intense at times. We do not tell anyone how to exploit, what the exploits specifically are or anything of that nature. I do get a chance to rant a little, which I always enjoy. Its a great show. You can listen here.

Also, Jerry was invited to submit an article to Legends magazine. You can see the April issue online here. It is an wonderful article and I am super excited to see our show getting some great PR.

Jerry linked to this video on his blog, but I have to link it here as well. I have watched this thing about 30 times. I just love it. Good music, great editing and generally a great way to showcase what DDO is all about. So Enjoy.

I am off to get some of my desk cleared off. For once, I actually have some work to do on a Monday. Wait, does this mean I am going to have 2 crappy days this week you think? Nah, that is not allowed.

I am working out tonight. I still have a lingering cough from the flu. I am not sure when I am going to kick it. I can still hear the rattle in my chest when I am working out. Ewww.

So my desk calleth. Hope everyone survives their Monday.