Is it Friday yet?

I got a lot done this weekend. I have a trip coming up and needed to get some things squared away.

Being a girl is hard work. I spent the weekend get pretty. I was exhausted by the time Saturday night rolled around. I look fabulous however. All that hard work and working out and so on and so forth sure does pay off.

I ran a few raids on Saturday. We seem to be doing ok on raid night until we reach the midnight hour. By then the whole guild has been drinking and probably some of us have been drinking too much. Fights ensue. Normally I stay out of them, but this last weekend I just blew my top.

I hate blowing my top. I yelled at my guild mates. Sigh. Yuck.

We had finished the shroud part 1 and I was going to craft for the first time. I had my list, my guy and I had checked my ingredients. I was ready to roll. I muted my speakers so I could think and went to the altar.

I am halfway through when I look up at my healthbars on the screen. Half of my party is dead. I look at my map. I am the only one still in part one. *groans* Of course I playing my cleric.

I finished up what I was doing and got my rearend in the second part of the raid. The guys are off the wall drunk and silly. I am not sure it was just my nerves or their lack of patience or what but I blew. I yelled and yelled some more.

The group got very quiet. Everyone apologized. Sigh.

I still feel guilty for yelling.

Anyways, I finished that run and took myself off to bed. I haven't played DDO since. Guilt is a horrible thing.

On other fronts, the new podcast is up with an ask the devs segment. I missed this weeks show. I was in a chair getting a pedicure. :) You can listen here.

And the new Forgotten Tales came out on Friday. I know I am lax, but I am putting it up now.

I am off to do nothing at my desk. I am nervous about flying this next weekend. Prepare to listen to my whiny self all week because I am a mess, but I look hot. :D