Friday Comic

We finally made it to Friday :) Time is crawling here at the office. I keep hoping a big chunk of time will have gone by and I will be that much closer to 5pm. It doesn't seem to be working for me.

I ran a Titan raid last night. I am determined to keep running it until I get a pair of Seven fingered gloves on my rogue.

The plus 5 to my UMD would be fabulous. Plus I could leave these on pretty much all of the time.

Instead of those beautiful gloves, I pulled a battle coin last night. Sigh. I was disappointed. Its not a horrible item. It's just that I wanted the gloves.

The new Forgotten Tales is up. Check it out below.

I am trying to avoid doing anything useful here at the office. I have Fridayitous I think. I simply want the clock to skip forward to 5 and let me out of here for the weekend. No big plans. I have a couple of busy weekends coming up, so I am going to play this one nice and low key. A few errands, a little cleaning and laundry but nothing too complicated. I want to fit in a few workouts. I love the feel of getting them out of the way. Plus my body is all jazzed afterwards.

I am going to try and hit a few raids in DDO and see if I can't get some crafting done and so on and so forth. Crafting is still too complicated. I don't understand it. Thankfully I have help. Otherwise I would just throw my hands up and not do it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)