I have sunshine this morning. Clouds could be here at any time, but for now it’s sunny. Hallelujah. I grew up in a rainy country so I adore cold, misty and grey skies. However my mood could use an adjustment. I think sunshine is a good idea.

My static group had a meeting last night. We lost our pitch hitter, so we are back down to the original 4 of us. We are at a point where we just can't handle the quests without some more people. We thought about it and mulled it over for a few hours and are going to open up recruitment to people on Ghallanda who want to come play with us on Tuesdays from 7:30est to 1030 est. We are picky, but hopeful we will find some quality folks. We shall see.

We did have fun last night. We ran Threnal for favor. I was recently shown how to actually use my hotbars and I messed around with it on my sorc last night. Seemed to be a little faster on the casting and I know we did better than we have been doing in the past. Plus I tried out some new spells I have been neglecting. PK FTW!!! Well ok I might have been a wee tad addicted to both PK and Suggestion last night. I mean who can resist suggestion...its PINK!

I love my static group and was worried the others would want to quit with another member having left. I am soooo glad we are sticking together. We will make level 20... in about 3 years :D

On other fronts, I hired a man to cut my lawn. I can't believe I am so lazy I hired a man to cut my lawn. Sigh. Actually I hired him to pluck weeds, cut the lawn, and edge and so on and so forth. I have been eying some Chocolate Mint to hang in a basket by the front door and some pink flowers for the two flowerbeds I weeded yesterday. I think Spring Fever has hit. :)

The world hasn't stopped just my heart. Things are what they are. Was talking with my flamboyant, impeccably dressed male friend this morning who said "Well hunny take it from me. Men are idiots." I agree. But then so are girls with wild dreams and hearts in their eyes instead of reality.

I am off to pick through the inch worth of paper I just printed. Busy hands are happy hands.