2 days

I get on an airplane in 2 days. I have not flown in a coons age.

I thought I had everything prepared. I have decided to carry on my bag since it is just a quick weekend trip. Which has meant learning all the new guidelines in place. Then a girlfriend mentioned, "Did you buy travel sized deodorant?" I was like huh? Why?

The TSA has a website full of the do's and don't of travel. I spent last night going over what I wanted to bring with me and what I was allowed to bring with me. Sigh.

As if I wasn't nervous enough about flying, I find out there are more rules than in DDO. Bleh.

Speaking of my favorite game, my static group got up the courage to go try out the crucible last night.


Alright I love them all dearly. 3 hours later in the crucible I still loved them all, but dang it.

It was a level 14 quest with level 11's and one level 10 cleric all of which are not uber equipped. It may have been a wee tad over our heads.

I will say we finished the bloody thing.

We were all tired, frustrated and otherwise out of sorts though by the end.

It did get me to thinking however.

Is this really how DDO was meant to be played?

It really took us all of that 3 hours. With my static group things take on a much different playstyle. We have to move cautiously. We don't have money for pots so people zerging is totally out of the question. Deaths are expensive because sometimes we can't afford to repair.

We don't have great equipment because we only use what we find in chests. We share money around for whoever needs what.

So when we go into a quest several levels over our heads, we expect for it to be a bit of a slog. A quick 30 minute run on my girls, turns into a 3 hour adventure with our group.

If we all ran quests this way, would we still have fun?

I don't imagine we would burn through content at the rate we currently do. The game is fun this way. It's harder. You have to think. And my gods every spell point and hit point counts.

We are going to have to regroup I think. The content is harder now. And not being geared by the auction house and twinked by our other characters has presented us with quite the challenge.

Our rogue and I spend a lot of time dead. She gets a lot of agro from her repeater. She is like a machine gunner. It's great to watch. I die alot because my sorcerer has no Hit points to speak of. Plus, I have no heavy fortification. We have yet to pull one in a chest. Our fighter seems to do ok. I know he wants better weapons and money for pots. Our ranger is plucky. Often he is naked. All that dwarven hair is scary. Our cleric is one level below us but seems to hold his own. He is offensive as well as a healer.

I think we are all going to have to look at some healing options. Our cleric wants to do more than just heal, but we are at the point where we all take such heavy damage we need constant heals. I think I will pick up some wands on my sorcerer to help out and take a look at what our ranger has in his inventory.

Many difficult quests are in front of us. We will overcome them...I think! If not, we sure will have fun trying.