I am still yawning. This one hour time change is for the birds. I am hoping to catch up on some sleep this weekend and get back on track. Black circles under the eyes and the constant yawning is unattractive.

I hear rumors again about STO. Now, for those who have been following Star Trek Online, it was being made by Perpetual. They have kinda imploded and there was a rumor the project had been picked up by Cryptic.

Massively caught wind the website which has been down since the Perpetual implosion was back up. There is nothing to see there but a redone Starfleet Emblem and a "Coming Soon", but it gives me hope I may one day have a Star Trek MMO to sink my teeth into.

In other news, I have done something I thought never to do. I made an actual Multiclass build.

Since I am on a Warforged kick, I made a new WF girl. She is going to be 14 wizard and 2 rogue. Basically an Arcane Trickster. I am excited. Its something very very new to me, and I am sure I will screw it up, but I sure will have fun doing it.

I am so tired darn it. I know I am going to read this later and be like huh?

Someone e-mail me some coffee.