More new stuff

Ya'll will see a new banner at the top of my page. Yup, its that time again. The new Laurell K. Hamilton will be out at the end of May. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I put that up there to remind myself of the date, plus I hope it exposes a few of you to a super fabulous author.

I have also found a new play pretty. GMX. I saw an ad for it in PC Gamer magazine. Yes, I still read an actual magazine, and being a rabid PC gamer, I stick to what I love.

Anyways, GMX is kinda like Outlook for the web without all the ugly Microsoft stuff. It pulls in all of my e-mail accounts into one place. I can keep an address book with all the info I need for my friends, family and fellow gamers. I can store some documents and music. Basically, its a nice all in one stop for my e-mail and address book, and because it is on the web I don't have to worry about where I am to access it.

It can be annoying though. I use firefox... (and if you are still using Internet Explorer, please try firefox post haste) and I have gotten used to things opening up in a tabbed universe. GMX opens a separate window. It annoys me. Alot. The moderators on their forums say they are looking at making it tab like the rest of the universe. I am hoping so. I like being able to hide my firefox while at work, and having 2 or 3 of them open makes a little more obvious I am not always working when I maybe should be.

Speaking of which, I might ought to go do some.

Yes, dating sucks... relationships suck... unless you are in a good one. And no, I am never going to understand men.

And yes, I am still hating the working out, kinda... I actually do like de-stressing... I just don't like the sweaty, out of breath part :)