Missed it all!

It's Monday. I don't feel like being up and walking around. It's one of those kinda Monday's when I would much rather shut out the world and dive back under the covers.

Expectations are a funny little curse. We all have them. We have in our minds how we expect something to be, what we want to have happen.

I had a weekend of expectations. By Sunday night, I was bummed.

It's been many a moon since I have spent my Birthday alone. In fact, I can say I don't think I ever actually have. Being as I am 1600 miles away from my family and the man I am currently interested in is kinda far away as well, I spent the weekend trying to fight my own expectations.
Eventually, I just gave in, had a bottle of wine, watched Becoming Jane and turned my cell phone off.

I tend to do that. Burrow. I can only fight it so long. I needed the down time, so I took it.

I missed the event last night in DDO though. I just wasn't up to it. Jerry over at ddocast has done an awesome job covering this and has some awesome screenshots. Check it out.

I'll try and have the energy to stay up and see the event tonight.

The new podcast is up and features an promo by the dev team. Check out episode 57 here!

Someone send me some positive thoughts. I could use them.