Good Friday!


It's finally another Friday. Its windy, chilly and 38 degrees here in the sun. I just wanted to lay in bed and not move. I was late getting out the door, but I am at the office. Boo hiss on my boss not having this as a holiday.

I am hoping to have everything cleared off my desk so I can move out the door a little early this afternoon. Fingers crossed and all that stuff!

The Guild has their new video out. I am not sure what I think of this one. It was missing the funny factor, but maybe that is because I am a chilly grump this morning.

Also, the new Forgotten Tales is out.

Quick add... We ran an all rogue raid in the shroud last night and it was a blast... One of the best posts on it can be found here with pictures of my gorgeous pink self ready to take on the world... can't wait until we try this again :)

I am still hating the new workout routine, but I have to admit, I feel better for it. I am also sleeping better for it, and maybe I am less of a pizza eating, beer drinking sloth. Ok, only maybe on that one :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous easter weekend. Don't eat too much chocolate :D