Germy Children

I am sick again... Can you believe it? I haven't had a year like this in forever.

I blame the children. I checked out the Aquarium this weekend and there were germy little children everywhere. So now I have the honor of having incubated said germ and now it is making me miserable... sigh! I had fun at the Aquarium though. I am a huge Shark nut, so getting to stand in the shark tunnel and watch them swim over my head was fabulous.

It is Monday and I am sick so any joy I feel over the weekends outing has been replaced with coughing and whining.

I did some gaming on Saturday night. I ran through the Reaver, the Titan, and we did a fun run at Tempest Spine. I ended up going to bed about 2:30 in the morning. Every once in a while you get in a group and you just stay a while. I kinda wanted to run the Shroud as I am farming ingredients, but by 2:30 most of us were slightly pickled and incapable of coherent thought.

The new podcast is out. And I have to apologize to silthe... who I keep wanting to call slithe... sigh... I an L... well I get confused... but anyways, you can listen to the new podcast here.

I am running an all rogue Shroud run tonight. That should be fun :)

I am finding it harder and harder to group in DDO. I don't pug as a general rule. I think mainly its because I really don't like playing with people I don't know. So I will stand around and wait for people I like to finish something rather than starting my own group.

I used to not be this way. I am not sure when I became so anti social. I am not even sure its truly me being anti social or just not wanting to deal with noobs.


Yeah, I am all kinds of cranky today.

Someone send me some ginger root tea.