Friday at last!

Well I made it to Friday! I haven't been so glad to see one in quite a while. Been a rough week at work. The boss has been in a mood. I wouldn't call it a good one :)

Thankfully, Friday always gets here. Even if time did move like molasses dripping of the end of a spoon this week.

I didn't make it to the event last night, but Jerry over at DDOcast did and has a couple of shots of the devil army beginning to build up behind the barrier in the marketplace. This is shaping up to be one heck of a fight on Saturday. *rubs her hands with glee* I can't wait to get in there and die a few times for the glory of Stormreach. Well, there is that and the fact I just find these events fun as heck.

Xiloscent put together this video of the devil's army building up on Day 5 of the event. Enjoy!

There was a huge memorial to Gary Gygax over on the Sarlona server Tuesday night, and Holyalliance has put together a video I am going to include here.

Also, I am a few weeks behind again in posted up the Forgotten Tales comic pages. Here is the latest.
You can catch up on any pages you have missed here.

Other than that, its a pretty slow Friday around the office for me. There is nasty weather here over the weekend, so I am looking forward to a few mornings of sleeping in and lazy hours spent killing kobolds in Stormreach.

Take care!