Ewww Monday

I am dragging this morning.

We all drag on Mondays, but the time change yesterday seemed to have thrown me me completely off liter. I know, I know... I hate change. Sigh!

So I am grumpy, crabby, cranky and all kinds of cantankerous today. I am hoping my boss goes out of the office this afternoon so I can enjoy my bad mood by myself.

I am also a little sad this morning. The events are over in DDO. I had really enjoyed them.

Although, the marketplace tent is gone... which is kinda an awesome thing.

I have spent a lot of time blogging and posting screenies and videos over the last week, and to be honest my brain is as tired as the rest of me.

So I am off to try and look busy at my desk.

Maybe some of this is Spring Fever kicking in.

Have a good day :)