I don't know about the rest of the DDO player base, but I LOVED the live event.

It ended last night with a big bang.

I played on Ghallanda with my guild The Descendant's. We had over 30 members show up and we all got in the same instance and grouped up around one bridge.

We gathered up and squished the few devils and orthons that spawned on our side of the barrier.

We got an announcement to move away from the barrier as they let it down. We moved back and waited and after a bright white light we found this.

That's right, the marketplace tent was gone. It had been sucked up into the portal. Ack! We got instructions to look for the city guard and found a new quest.
The new live tech Turbine is using let them put this quest in where you fight some of the invading devils in the Marketplace Barracks. It's scaled for all levels. Normal makes it a level 6 quest, Hard makes it a level 12 and Elite makes it a level 18. It's a lot of fun. I ran it on Elite and died...but I had fun doing it. The new quest will be here for a few weeks, so enjoy running it.

(I need to thank Xexian from Ghallanda for these screenshots. I was too awestruck to take any!)

I am going to post a couple videos here which covered the event.

The new podcast is up. This one includes the new Ask the Devs segment as well as the DDOcast team talking about the live event. Also, Jerry took some great screenshots of the event which he as on the site. So check it out here.

Well thats it from me. I am off to get things ready for Monday. Plus, I need some sleep after staying up late nights to check out all the event fun. :)