Day 4!

It's a busy morning for me here. I am barely squeezing out enough time to pop over here and say hi.

I had a blast last night.

I ordered a completely fatty, greasy yummy dinner, had a cool glass of Dr. Pepper and plopped on my couch to watch The Jane Austen Book Club. This one is a keeper and I think I am going to have to add to my movie library.

After the movie and my totally indulgent dinner, I pulled up to my computer to go to the big event.

I took some screenshots, but forgot to upload them from the home computer, so the videos I am adding here will have to do.

The first one is the Day 4 video from Bnotorious!

DDO Birthday Video Day-4

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This next Video is from Xiloscent from the podcast. He made a short vid about last nights event!

BTW, my guildie over on Ghallanda took these great shots of the dragon on Tuesday. I have been meaning to put these up here as well.

I think the dragon has been flying a lot more than usual. Wonder what it means?

Stephen Colbert did a short and respectful goodbye to Gary Gygax. I am including it below.

Overall not a bad night. I have a full desk I need to go take care of. Have a good day out there!