Wednesday bleh!

I made it to Wednesday. Ice fell for hours last night here and this morning its raining and freezing outside. Its a whammy of a combination. and pretty treacherous. On this kind of morning the ability to work from home would be fabulous.

Some how static group did not go off for me last night. One of the other players got stuck and so I logged out to see if I was going to have the same problem he did. The answer would be yes. SO I sat staring at the "data centers" error for an hour before finally giving up and going to bed about 10. Ewwww. Sigh... to all my wonderful firends my apologizes and I will see you next week!

On other front we got this very cagey quote from my favorite person over at Turbine:

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Turbine Community Team

DDO 2 Year Anniversary (Tolero)

Feb 12, 2008 18:02:00 GMT

While it is both vast and mysterious, you can expect that it will not begin earlier than Feb 27th, for it has to correlate with our anniversary... now no more hints *coughtreatscoughpartycoughbigbangcoughandmorecough*

This sounds awesome. Party? Treats? Big Bang? And More?

I cannnot wait!

So the countdown begins for the anniversary! 15 days to go :)