Well its DSL day! I hope. I have no idea if Verizon will actually honor their agreement to get me hooked up today, but I am hopeful. Maybe... I think one more day without internet and I will lose my mind.

It's cold again. Windy, chilly, little snow flakes fall here and there. Winter is still with us.

I am in a crap mood today. Sometimes things hit at weird times. I thought I had things mostly figured out in my head, but emotions broke over me like a mac truck hitting head on. I was playing NWN2... I just couldn't focus. I turned things off, lit some candles and turned on a movie and had a pity party. Hey, a girl needs a good cry. :)

Every once in a while you just need to stop and deal. Not having my internet meant I couldn't keep myself so busy I ignored things.

However, tonight is Static group night. And I need to dance with a naked dwarf and slay some kobolds. My sword thirsts for the blood of my enemies.

Everyone pray to whatever you believe in. One more night of isolation and I will need a padded cell.