Superbowl and gaming

I love a good football game. Having grown up in Texas, where football is king, I believe in the sport :)

Last nights game was disappointing for me. I was rooting for the Pats, if only to see the coveted 19-0 season record. I have to admit though, this game kept me guessing. I thought the Pats had it sewed up, and then the Giants rallied with that last minute touchdown. Bleh. Aw well.

The commercials this year were a little lack luster. Not sure is just the general state of the nation, or if our minds are simply so saturated by amazing, we don't appreciate the good stuff anymore. However, I am including my two favorite commercials below :)

On other news, I am getting used to handling the house by myself. I won't say it is always fun, but it is kinda growing on me. I like knowing when I want to do something I can, and I don't have to ask anyone else's opinion. I like the toilet seat always being down. I like knowing the last Dr. Pepper in the fridge is mine and not having to feel guilty about it :)

I spent a lot of my weekend gaming. I played Vanguard for hours Saturday night with my old guildmates. The game is growing on me.

Sunday I played DDO. I found some old guildmates of mine on Ghallanda who have a new guild going. I joined and passed a wonderful afternoon and evening pleasantly entertained by old friends and a great game.

Sunday night I ran with the girls of Ghallanda who rocked the dragon raid while the boys watched football... course, I was secretly watching the game. :)

And it is official. I have a bloody cold. Sigh. Nothing make me more whiny and miserable than a cold. So I am downing tea and sneezing and coughing and generally just pathetic. Pray for me. It's only Monday :)