Its a cold rainy Tuesday. For those of you who know me, you know I am often not at my best on a Tuesday. Bleh.

There has been some interesting posts over on the DDO forums about sexual harassment in game.

Being a girl, I think I can say I have experienced it in many of its forms.

I have talked to friends about it. I think the anonymity of being behind a computer allows some immature folks to think their jokes are funnier and they are more charming than perhaps they really are.

Over my MMO career, I have met a varied number of people. Some men think a girl must be playing an MMO to cruise for geeky guys...ummm not so much really in my case. I love geeky guys, don't get me wrong. And I have made many friends some of which become my friends in real life. And well I know relationships happen between people in an MMO. I have dated men I have met in game.

However, I play to game. I play for the people and their reactions. I play to laugh at the rogue who blows the trap or the dwarf barbarian with so many hitpoints he makes the cleric cry over heals.

I do not play for dates, to be asked about sex, to listen to the profane language of some idiot who is drinking too much.

I get especially cantankerous about it when other girls are having to experience it. It ticks me off beyond all measure.

I play mainly with friends. If I am in a pick up group, I am usually very very very quiet.

My guild has a vent server, and we talk amongst ourselves where we are safe from the pick up group members we run with from time to time (and they from us!). In a vent server we know each other, we joke and we do pick on each other. We also have respect. We are a family and we act like such. We pick on each other but the guys would never let a party member treat any of our ladies in any manner which would be lacking respect.

I can say that I don't experience it as much as I used to, but dang it makes me madder than a wet hornet to hear of a girl having to put up some jerks lewd suggestions while in an adventure.

Yes I am venting...