Monday BRRRR!

It Monday. And it's cold. I lie. It is worse than cold. It freaking freezing. It's 10 degrees here which is what -12 celsius? Holy moly. I looked like an eskimo when I went out the door this morning bundled up from head to toe.

I spent my weekend in Stormreach. If you have noticed my xfire above, I very much got some extra time in this week. I am loving playing the game again. Might have something to do with the people I play with.

The new podcast is up. You can listen here.

I have been working to update the quest list. I'll put a link to the page here for everyone, as I change it, the link with automatically change via the rss feed, so no worries about missing any changes.

I love pink, and I also happen to be a huge Star Wars fan and a huge Darth Vader nut. I mean he is the ultimate anti-hero. This picture was on massively's blog this morning and I had to have it. OMG funny. I think I have found a Halloween costume I have to make. :)

Massively is also talking about whether a Knights of the Old Republic MMO could be the only one to overtake WOW. I think it is... And I want it. There are rumors, but nothing solid. Hoping its more than just rumor this time as I think this would be the ultimate game. I hear a new Kotor maybe in the works... is it an MMO?

Stay warm out there!