Long Weekend

My computer has been feeling abandoned. My Internet is out, (thank you Verizon) due to some inability to do as I asked. Sigh. I finally made the decision I didn't need a home phone anymore and was going just with my cell phone. Verizon sorta forgot to run the dry line for my dsl when they turned off the home phone. "Technically" I have dsl right now... *rolls her eyes*

I never knew how much I depended on my internet. I order my pizza online, check my banking, do my e-mail, order movies and books, read websites, game, check the weather and the train schedule... in other words... I am an internet addict. The lack of my interwebz this weekend left me feeling bereft.

I got some thing done around the house. BORING!

I read two new books while imbibing an entire bottle of wine...Opps! Wonderful books, wonderful wine but I don't like to find myself at the end of a bottle.

I did buy a new game that does not require an internet connection. I broke down and bought Never Winter Nights 2. It is not DDO. And I found myself bored quite quickly with it. In actuality, it is probably a great game. Just not a great game for me right now.

The biggest problem I had with it was movement and camera angles. It's horrible. I am constantly running into things and having to adjust the camera to see myself or the enemies attacking me. I am not sure why it seemed so clunky to me. I had no problem with it in NeverWintet Nights 1. This one just was ewwwww.

The storyline is good, as usual. It's based on Forgotten Realms, which I adore.

Sigh, it was probably a bad weekend for me to pick it up. Think I will let it gather some dust and pick it back up in a month or so.

The weather is screwy here. Its 65 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, but by noon we are supposed to be below freezing. Ewwww. It's no wonder everyone is walking around with colds.

Anyways, my internet is "supposed" to be fixed by Tuesday the 19th. Keep you fingers crossed.