I HAVE INTERNET! WOOT! Never have I been so glad to see the blinking lights of my modem greet me when I walk in the door after work. My isolation is over!

Last night was static group night. We had a blast. We managed to muddle through Von 3. Not an easy task with 5 of us. I personally felt like beholder cat nip. I think my ears are still ringing from the "ding" sound of my many many deaths. We got it done though.

We then decided since Von 4 is easier we would go do that one. Sure. No Problem. We got almost to the end and then we remembered about the Iron Golems. Alright, I have to admit that I may have imbibed a couple of beers while playing last night, and I may have skipped dinner. At the point which we were all running around in circles being chased by 2 Iron Golems, I was rather loopy. I was having waaaayyyy too much fun and decided to cast a fire wall, to which everyone began screaming at me. Now, I knew what I had done... I mean the firewall was not going to help, but to me it was just hilarous.

We wiped of course. We laughed our way right out of that one and decided we would tackle it next week with the proper adamantine weapons in our hands.

I had a blast. I had internet, I played with friends, laughed and felt relaxed when I finally poured myself into bed. Awesome night.

For those of you unfamiliar with Iron Golems, I am including the information below. Maybe it will help you understand why everyone yelled when I cast a firewall. ROFL! :)

The iron golem, most powerful of constructs: fearless, unrelenting, well nigh indestructible. Standing over 12 feet tall, this lord of metal towers over pretenders at that title. It is almost totally immune to magic and essentially immune to weapons and physical attacks that are not made of adamantine. It is an unstoppable juggernaut. The warforged can claim sentience, even cherish a belief in their own souls and the possibility of an afterlife. The iron golem has neither of these things, and cares not at all. Indeed, should a warforged encounter an iron golem one-on-one, the warforged should expect to quickly put his belief in an afterlife to the test.

To fight this creature - if you absolutely must - adventurers must come prepared. Fighters require adamantine weapons, lest they prove entirely ineffective. Archers need adamantine-tipped arrows. Without such tools, the best that can be done is to swing the most damaging weapon possible, and don't worry too much about where you hit the golem. The golem has no delicate parts, no physical vulnerability, and no Achilles heel. For rogues, this is especially problematic. The best thing a rogue can do against a golem probably involves using a magic wand or scroll - not to damage the creature, since it would be immune to that also, but either to heal or to enhance the abilities of companions. Arcane spellcasters face a similar choice. Though every arcane caster should bring along a collection of electricity spells. They won't deal any damage, but they can slow down the metallic creature. Needless to say, leave the fire spells at home.

Disturbingly, of late iron golems have been seen with arcane casters of their own, probably their creators. These sorcerers toss around fireballs and other fiery area-of-effect spells with impunity, knowing that any iron golem caught in the area of effect would be healed, not wounded. And then there are the darker rumors, that certain winged spellcasters have used iron golems as guardians... and these creatures do not even need to use sorcery to bathe a golem in flames.