The weather here is rotten. Rainy, windy and the wind is almost hot. Ewwww!

We had our static group last night and we finally had all of us together again. I have missed my crew while we were on Holiday break. Awesome people. We really had a lot of fun.

Things at my house are a little bit crazy. Maybe its the weather, but I am down today. My mood matched the rain and wind. Turbulent.

Someone in my guild over on Argo posted this great video. I have laughed myself silly watching it.

Gold Farmers are the bane of every online game. I haven't played one yet that hasn't been invaded. Hellgate London being new is spammed every 5 minutes with some farmer fighting for his corner of the market. Makes me realize why I love the singleplayer games.

I don't see it changing anytime soon. Sony tried to create their own store for items in game. No one seems to be running to copy them, but I know a lot of gaming companies have been trying to figure out how they can get their piece of this market.

Its only Wednesday. Hoping everyone is having a good day. I am having a blah day. Maybe it will improve if I guzzle some more Dr. Pepper.