Oh wow... so the new video card is ... ummm WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!

Alright, I am a little excited.

The card got there and it was installed before I got home. I did get a hysterical call before getting to the front door.

He said "I don't know what happened. The card was running fine. I went to do some things in the kitchen and I come back in here." His voice is getting higher and higher and more panicked. "The computer just keeps shutting itself off."

I managed to not laugh. Well I managed to not let him hear me laughing LOL.

He finally decided I must need a new power supply. Thankfully we had a spare down in the basement.

I figure the PC room is going to look like World War 3 started.

I get home and he's looking a little sheepish.

"Ummm, so about the video card. Seems there is a setting in the bios that if the side cover is off the case, the computer shuts off."

Ok, so this time I laughed... a huge belly laugh. He'd been ranting for 4 hours, and all he needed to do was put the cover back on. LOL!!!!!!!!!

After all the hair pulling, the new Pink Demon is put together and running like a dream. I love it. The graphics are fantastic. I mean omg wow fantastic. I had no idea I was missing so much. Reminds me why computer gaming has always been my first love.

Here is a video one of the DDO crew put together. I love this skit, so seeing it done in DDO style just has me giggling :)