Its been odd around my house. Some of the changes I talked about have come to pass and I am trying to live with them. Bleh. I do change soooo well *rolls her eyes*!

I have an empty house. Its an older home and has all the creaks and moans I never noticed when there was a man in it. I am not sleeping well. I don't like an empty house generally speaking. I am however managing. My routine is a little off, and my gaming time has fluctuated as I have gotten in a new "swing", but otherwise, I seem to be bumping along ok.

My gaming time is interesting. I have played some more of Vanguard Saga of Heroes. It wouldn't be near as much fun if I didn't have a few guildies from DDO who are over there to play with. I am finding the game can be great, but without people, I am not interested.

I also have a friends who is play Pirate of the Burning Sea. I have a buddy pass and I am going to try and play it this weekend :) I have never played a Naval game. I am interested to see what it is all about. Plus, I hear I can paint my ship PINK! Hello, I sooo have to go try that.

I have said that this year was all about changes. I am hoping most of them are good for me as well as for the people who move in and out of my life.

Here's to 2008!