I don't buy a lot of things that have to be shipped. Books mainly. And they get here when they get here.

This new system, however, is the biggest thing I have bought besides my house in the last 5 years. I am so stoked about it.

I have been watching my tracking history on All the pieces should be here for my machine by today EXCEPT my new video card... BLEH! Oh well, I can get the rest of the machine together and use my old video card over the weekend, right? Sigh, I am still disappointed though. I paid for express shipping and they just had to send the video card from CALIFORNIA???

So, I will be spending my night playing with my new toy. Here's hoping I don't make anything blow up, smoke or otherwise nonfunctional.

I am really really really happy to have the new machine. Hellgate London take alot of juice. I tried grouping the other day and the lag was so horrible I was actually frozen... the machine I was on just couldn't handle it. The new vid card should make everything better. I can't really afford a top of the line card, much less two of them, which my new machine could run. I think though that this new monster is going to be better than anything I have ever had, so I will be happy.

Its the woe of every computer gamer. You get a machine and it is obsolete before it ships. I have always taken the road of, well get mid to average and you will never have that problem. I think I went pretty middle of the road!

Here's hoping you all have a great weekend!

Pray for my new 'puter... LOL... or for me...'s hoping I can get it put together :)

Oh and on another note, I think all men should be shipped to mars and only let out when we women want some fixed, lifted or when we want them around. Because let's face it, men suck! I am starting a petition. :)