New Mod 6

Well the new mod dropped last night with few problems. I got on and played a little, but not really as much as I expected to.

I have gamed on and off my entire adult life. I have gamed whether I was with someone or not. I am odd though, if I am in a relationship the game takes on the flavor. Since I am currently in a shift relationship-wise, I am finding the game hard to enjoy.

Well maybe that isn't all of it. I gamed with my partner. I am used to the excitement of new mods, order a pizza have it loaded before I get home and sit down and discover it all together. He isn't here anymore and my routine was off. Sigh. I know I know the change thing right? LOL, I still suck at it!

I did go in and level up a couple of my characters to 14 though. For those of you who follow my exploits, you will be glad to hear I finally took the level. No worries though, I plan on waiting to take level 15 for a while :D

The Twelve is an awesome place. I am so glad we finally got this open. I didn't get to run any of the new quests last night, but thats ok. Since they are the only new quests I am going to get until Aprilish, I figure its all good.

I am also going to be trying to play some Vanguard with my friends. A new game with no guy flavor maybe just what the doctor ordered :)

Here is a new video put together by a DDO player. Enjoy!