I normally hate Mondays. I am cranky, sleep deprived and generally out of sorts.

I got the parts for my new PC on Friday. I watched the shipping page like a hawk and could see when two boxes were delivered to my door. I had much terror about putting the new PC together. It's been a very very very long time since I had my hands in the guts of a machine. Technology changes, and I was not sure I was up to the task.

On my walk up the sidewalk, I was psyching myself up. I stepped through the door, turned to my PC room... and there it sat. My beautiful Pink Monster already humming. Apparently it had been put together for me before I got home, despite his protestations that I needed to learn what I am doing.


The only downer, my new video card was in a separate box. Meh. I took the old one out of my machine and did all the installing and petting and coaxing. It runs like a dream.

One hiccup however. The new motherboard has on board sound. I tried to get it to work in DDO, but no one could hear me and the sound coming from the game was very tinny. EWWW!

So Saturday I woke up to do my podcast and discovered the mic wasn't working at all. In game or out.

Which meant a trip to the store for a new sound card. They aren't pricey, and I didn't need anything super high tech. I just wanted to do my podcast.

We ended up having to re install windows 3 times, my games 3 times... I think by last night I was ready to just give up. It is finally working though and the new sound card was worth it. I discovered that while I knew I was missing a lot of video extras in the game, I was also missing a heck of a lot of sound nuances as well. Its actually kinda creepy LOL!

I am looking forward to tonight though. My new Video card is on the truck and should be at the house by lunch. I am totally excited to get home and see what I have been missing. I have been running all my games on an old computer for so long now... I think its going to be a shock to see what I have missed.

I hope everyone has a reason to look forward to going home today. Mondays are terrible. :)