Its just cold. I am freezing right now. For some reason the heat is just not getting me warm today.

We all have dates that pull at our heartstrings for one reason or another. They are circled on the calendar. Maybe not literally, but on our internal calendar of hurts and joys it never fades. Pain is like that. It sears itself on the memory.

Today is one of my dates. One that will never fade even with the passage of 50 years. Somethings are too big to dull into an ache.

So I am grumpy, out of sorts and generally wishing I could just burrow in bed and never have to poke my head out. Sigh. Life doesn't work like that does it though. :(

Hence me shoving myself out of bed and out the door this morning. :)

On the gaming front, I haven't touched hellgate in a few days. I have been off my routine. And tonight I don't think I am going to game at all.

I did play DDO with my static group last night and we had a blast. We are going to be short a member for a long time to come. Bleh. Oh well... he will be missed.

I also tried out Vanguard again. It's a Sony game. And I swore to myself that I would never play another Sony game. They ruined Star Wars Galaxies. And Everquest just got silly. Sigh.

I have a couple of DDO guildmates who play Vanguard religiously. So, I got a trial key and have been giving it a go. It has great almost cartoony graphics. I am not really experiencing lag in the game, but I have played with my friends and watching one of them try and play this is just ugly. He runs into things, and he has the stutter step.

Basically, it a huge world, you have crafting, mounts and such. It's not bad. It's just not DDO. LOL

Here is a trailer of Vanguard you can watch and see what you think.