I love the weekend. Its always a fun time to just be lazy. And I am being very very lazy.

I was looking over my gaming trends and noticed I have subscribed to 3 games now on a monthly basis. Ekkk. I don't have time for three games. How did this happen?

At the moment I am subscribed to DDO, COH/COV, and Hellgate London. that means I am spending $50.00 bucks a month just on subscriptions. I have no idea how I ended up with 3 games LOL.

So for now I think my gaming schedule is kinda full.

I am loving Hellgate London. I like having something I can go do on my own without having to have a group. I like being able to log on, not caring if any of my friends are on and just being able to play.

An upshot of an MMO is you make friends. It is also a downside. Sometimes you just want to be able to blow off some steam and when all your friends are online they want your attention. I like being alone every once and a while :)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Hope everyone is planning on a safe new year's eve:)