Static Group, Armor, and a Video

My Static Group got together last night. We had a blast. We were missing one of our members who was off doing a Hockey Championship game. I hope he did well.

Sometimes, I wonder if the people who make these games have any clue how silly the outfits look. Ok, maybe they already know and thats why they make them.

For instance this outfit I pulled last night.

It kinda looks like a crayola box melted on me! I had to wear it around town though. I mean its just that fugly right?

So we had fun together. I love those guys.

Apparently though, I love my sleep more. Somewhere around 9:30 I realized I was tired. I said in group chat I was tired. I then promptly fell asleep at the end of a quest. Good thing these are friends huh!

Xilocent just posted this great video.

Its another cold day here. We are getting snow again sometime this afternoon. UGH! I am not in the correct mindset for all this coldness. It does match the holiday spirit though I suppose. All my neighbors have the Christmas lights up. I am a slacker. I should maybe push away from the keyboard this weekend and get the decorations out of the boxes. I pulled them out of the basement this weekend, but never got them displayed. It's time for Christmas!