Yay! I managed to mark a few things off my Christmas list last night. WOOT! I am still panicked. 5 days and counting.

So I came home in a mood last night. One of those everything and everyone is gonna get on my nerves kinda "Get out of my way!" moods. And I decided I would burn off some of my stress playing DDO!

Hmph. Might not have been the wisest choice.

I do not enjoy Pick Up Groups. I like to run with friends and guildmates. By the time I logged on, everyone was busy at something else.

It took me half an an hour, but I finally joined a group who was going to run in the new Necropolis. I join and notice I am the only one talking on voicechat. Ok, no problem. Then it turns out my cleric is 13, and these look to be his friends who are also young. Now, I like kids and all, but I was in a mood. Number one, I was pretty sure I was going to say a cuss word at some point. Number Two, my patience meter was on empty.

I left after we hit all the crypts.

I logged off of my Rogue and onto my baby sorc. No problem. She is low enough in level that there is always something for her to do. I join a Stormcleave group. Now, I was fussy. There is just no denying it. This group however was FABULOUS! This is the reason people PUG!

The guild decides to run a Titan. Here is where things got dicey. We fold ourselves into the group. No worries. Except there is all this underlying drama going on. These people like each other, these people don't... Bleh. I felt as if I had landed in High School and was dealing with a bunch of silly kids. Eventually I just blew my top. I finished the quest, but I totally logged off the game as soon as I was done.

I popped in a movie, watched a few minutes and woke up in a better mood LOL!

Funny isn't it. It's all in how you approach something. I am in a mood then things seem irritating and bleak. I am happy and the world is full of flowers. On days like last night, I wanted to take a weed whacker to any offensive flowers who might dare to rain on my anger parade.

It's Christmas stress...bah humbug :)