Monday Blahs!

I am having the Monday Morning Blahs!!!

I spent wwwaaaayyyy too much time in front of my computer yesterday. Not sure how I managed to wrack up so many hours actually.

Saturday hit me over the head with a huge migraine which is apparently going to stay with me for day. Right now it is a dull pounding, but I know the monster is ready to leap out at any time. Bah!

I had some fun yesterday though. I got my rogue to level 12 finally. I need to get a picture taken of her and pin it up here. I had some help from a friends who showed me how to get my docents looking better and now Rowanshadow runs around Stormreach in Bright Pink glory. Behold my fabulousness.

I have gotten closer to having her ready for all the raids. My guild is no longer having growing pains and everyone seems to be getting along fine.

So things are rocking along as they should.

My Christmas tree is now 2 weeks late. I understand it is going to be on my front porch when I get home tonight. I hope so, the house is kinda cheerless without it.

It's warm here. Warm for winter time. I woke up to temperatures in the 40's. It was blissful for a Monday. A little drizzle and fog. Not too bad.

I think I need copious amounts of Dr. Pepper to get my engine revved up though this morning. Dr Pepper is the nectar of the gods and should be worshiped by drinking huge gallons of it! Alright, I am not a coffee girl. Dr. Pepper is my poison of choice!