I survived another Christmas :) I hope all of you found fabulous presents under your tree. I know I enjoyed my day:)

I discovered the most delicious mixed drink. A Pink margarita. YUM!

Pink Cosmo 'Rita


Mixing instructions:

Shake liquid ingredients like hell in a shaker with ice. Place lime wedge on the rim of a Martini glass. Pour mix into the glass, up. Enjoy!

I may have had a few too many of these yesterday. I had to get up and come in to the office today. UGH! I think we should have the day before and after Christmas off!

I have a new game to play with. I finally got Hellgate London. I was afraid my system wouldn't run it. I have a not so young computer which is in dire need of a respec, but it plays decently and I am loving the diablo type style of this game :)

I spent about 5 hours playing it yesterday, only to discover I had completely screwed myself on the last quest in a chain. Sigh. Oh well, It was only 5 hours. I will get home tonight and redo :)