Its here! Its here! Finally. The Festival Jester has made it to Stormreach. WOOT WOOT.

Twas the day before Festivult
and all through the land
All the players were drooling
and wringing their hands

The jester was missing
and nowhere to be found
'til one day, all the servers came down

And when they came back,
There he was with his pack
Serving up all those delicious, holiday snacks!

So off my static group and I went to find some festivult coins. I managed to gather 7 copper coins and 1 silver... enough to get 2 rewards...

I ended up with this...
I laughed so darn hard.

We had a good time tonight. We were missing our intrepid ranger and master neekid dancing dwarf. I don't know where he has gotten up to, but since I figure he has been very very naughty I will make sure to save all my festival twigs for him :)