It's six days until Christmas EKKKKKK! Is everyone else finished with their Christmas shopping but ME?

Six days. Wow.

So I have been in the "its almost time to open presents" panic. I have a lot I still need to do.

Things at home have been a bit crazy of late. Hopefully I will get everything back on an even keel after the New Year. Until then, I am just going to swim with the craziness of everything.

We ran with out Static group last night. Our Ranger is STILL out of commission, but with the holidays thats just normal. We've been running our small 4 man group on favor quests. It's fun! I have such a good time with everyone and really look forward to my weekly adventuring. We'll miss the next 2 weeks for the holidays. Weird when I think about it.

I am not prepared for a New Year. This one is bringing with it some changes that I thought I was prepared for but maybe not so much. Life is funny that way. It presents you with an opportunity which to the outside world looks insane, but the peace you feel about it internally makes it worth the huge risk. I am not a risk taker normally. Hmmm We'll have to see what happens. Stay tuned for more news.

I know. I am being cagey LOL

Anyways, hoping everyone has something wonderful under their tree. You will be seeing me in the mall madly shopping for all the things I should have already had under mine.

Oh.... here is a picture of my pink Warforged Rogue Rowanshadow. No one thought she would be any good. LOL Ahhh... I love a good challenge.