Well old man winter woke up decided to pelt my little corner of the world. I am cold. I am grumpy and I want spring to hurry up and get here.

On the plus side, what else is there to do but GAME in all this cold wet part of the country?

I decided to play some City of Heroes last night. I like the game for a little down time, but found after 3 hours of playing by myself, I was ready to go back to having a group of people work together to get a quest done. My hubby doesn't like COH enough to keep a subscription, so I can't even drag him into the quest to help me finish it.


On the up side, I got Rowandark on Guardian server up to level 9. It was not an easy thing. I am learning to "pull" and to run away when needed.

They have these cool raptor pack things in the game. I love them. There is just one problem. I use one, then I am up in the air and somehow turn it off. The SPLAT. Rowandark is dead.

For those of you who don't know, I am obsessed with the color pink. I love it. I am actually wearing a pink shirt right now, one of a million I own. I made Rowandark PINK! And she is not just a little pink, she is pretty much just PINK! I find it hilarious to be a villain dressed in pink. Just tickles my funny bone. I will have to figure out how to take some screen shots so you can see her in all of her PINKNESS!

I am off to try and huddle by the radiator here in the office and get warm. I think my face needs thawing.

Stay warm!