What is it about the winter that makes me want to curl up and sleep? I have been yawning habitually. Long sleeves, warm pants, gloves, hat scarves... They all seem to equal over-sleeping. I get cuddled under the comforter and seem to refuse to stick my toe out in the morning. Which of course, leaves me grumpy as heck most of the day.

So I have been trying out a lot of these social networking sites. Today I am trying out meebo. I have set up a widget for it over in the right column. It's supposed to let you IM me. We shall see how it works.

I have the myspace page, but to honest, I am not terribly sure why I have it. The books I read are here thanks to shelfari (who also has the social networking aspect), you can leave me comments, I have the IM function now, I can write the blog, put in widget and so forth. Maybe the blog is the new myspace?

I know facebook is supposed to be the new to do social network thing. I have also heard of twitter, and I think there are a couple more. Oh and plaxo made it social as well. The problem is, I end up with profiles everywhere as I try these things out.

Meebo lets me have all my IM names, AIM, YAHOO, MSN, GOOGLE TALK etc. all up on one web browser at the same time. Very Web 2.0 !

I love netvibes. I am not so crazy about Pageflakes.

I use google calendar more than plaxo, but I keep all my addresses and such in plaxo for safe keeping.

It's all getting to be too overwhelming. I get up in the morning and check the web, I come to work check the web, when I get home I check the web. Since I computer game mainly in DDO, I am on the keyboard all day everyday.

While some of the functionality is fantastic, I can see where it can begin to consume your life.

The great experiment continues. Let me know what you think :)