The Guild

I have never really thought about sitting down to have a meal with my DDO guildmates.

The people over at The Guild give it a whirl.

Here is part 4 in this hilarious series.

Be sure to check out their website at The Guild for the first 3 episodes, some bloopers and fun information.

I just love this little web comedy. LOL. It gets me thinking about how much time I actually spend gaming. Thanks to xfire I know it's been alot of hours in the past month or so. With winter right around the corner I know I am not going to be cutting back anytime soon.

Sigh. Ok, I am girl enough to admit that working 40 hours, and then gaming 40 hours hasn't made me the ideal housekeeper the last few months. I really need to work on that.

Wait, I can just hire a maid and a cook right?