The blue Box

I think I am suffering from the blue box syndrom.

There are foods I love. When it is cold, I have the old stand by quick meals I just crave. Kraft Original Macaroni and Cheese is one of those fast easy meals I just have to have every once in a while.

Of course, then there are the other macaroni and cheese makers. On occasion when one of these "imposters" is on sale I pick up a box to give it a try. Blah. It's never as good because it's not what I am expecting.

It's the same with my gaming. Movies, music, games and theor like are often marketed with phrases like "A Cinderella Story meets a Christmas Carol." (in this case they were talking about Haunted Mansion, the Eddie Murphy Disney flick) Sigh. It's the visuals of the original movies which is supposed to help you relate to the new one. Games are the same way. Lord of the Rings Online is often called a World of Warcraft clone. I don't know, do I want the clone or the original? Actually in this case I have tried both games, neither got me hot and bothered.

I was recently reacding a game magazine and they were talking a bout a PSP game.

I love RPGs. They are just my cup of tea. I love building and playing a character. Brave Story was being advertised as a Dragon Quest type of RPG game experience. Dragon Quest is really the first console RPG, and every game has tried to emulate bits and pieces of Dragon Quest. It really sort of mad me angry when I got to the game store to look at the Brave Story box and I couldn't figure out how they could make the parallel. Yes, its an RPG. Yes, it has character... in this sense they were alike. I ended up not buying the game. It is probably a great game, and I will probably buy it in the future, but the Blue Box syndrome kicked in and I really found myself expecting too much from Brave Story and I was pretty sure disappointment was in my future.

What about you? Do you go for the original or something a little like it?