Finally Friday is here. With the cold weather, I look forward to NOT having to wake up at the crack of dawn for two days, and instead cuddling under the warm comforter with my PSP in my hand so I can FINALLY finish Dungeon Siege! I am sooooo close to finishing this one.

I played the first 2 Dungeon Siege games and really enjoyed them , so I love having one I can play for a few quick minutes on a train when I am on my commute. It has quicksaves which mean if I am in the middle of a quest and I need to switch trains, I can save move trains and then come back to my quest.

It is a lot of hack n slash, but let's face it. After a hard day at work, sometimes I just need to bloody my blade on some bad guys.

Plus, I just love RPG's and this is a really fun little universe.

I had an interesting experience in DDO last night. I am grouping on Argo. The hubby and I had gotten together with some guildies for some questing fun. We have to look for some more players, so Pugging we went.

I say HI to each new member as they come to the party over voicechat. I get this tell (a private chat) from a ranger in the group.

"I have never seen a girl play a warforged before." Ranger

"lol" Me

"So do you come here often" Ranger

"Well I play alot of DDO." Me

"Do you have any other characters I might know." Ranger

"I am Rowanheal from the podcast, so you might know me from there. I
have alot of characters so chances are if you see a Rowansomebody it is
me." ME

"I am sorry I don't know you." Ranger

"But I would like to change that!" Ranger

*the above was paraphrased from my memory*

At this point I am beyond laughing. My hubby has been paying attention and says over voicechat. "I have to go get ROW who is my WIFE a drink BRB!"

At which point I was laughing so hard the mouse flew in the air. I had been telling my guild about this guy and since so many of them were in the group they were cackling as well.

I have been hit on ingame before, but never this blatantly. I mean, it was as if he had sat down on a barstool next to me with the "what's your sign?" line.

This morning I just find it a little creepy. As girls we sometimes get unwanted attention from the other sex when all we want to do is game. It frustrates me. I am not playing the game to find a date.