My head hurts. It's been a long day/night.

Last night my guild decided to have some fun. We ran the Tempest Spine raid neekid. It was a full group of 12 of us, a couple of puggers since the guild was chicken, and we went off to adventure with no clothes, weapons and gear.

Someone came up with a twist on the raid. Every time a person died a cleric had to take a shot. Since both our cleric were girls, I think they just wanted some drunk girls along. But we both agreed. At some point I had taken about 20 shots of vodka. I am not a huge drinker. And to say I was drunk would be an understatement.

I think I feel asleep in the first hour.

Today my head is ringing and my tongue feels like it has cotton swabs attached. *note to self* don't' take bets on raids :)

The new podcast should be out tonight. I will try and link to it here tomorrow. For now I an going to go eat some soup and bemoan my own stupidity.