Podcast is up...

It's Monday. Ugh! I lament them.

The new podcast is up. I had one line in a commercial this week. WOOT! My first DDO Commercial... YAY! You can listen here. I sort of recorded that one line about 5 million times. My hubby laughed alot saying one didn't sound more or better or less than the other. Sigh.

I had a good weekend. I was bad though. I had a list of things I needed get done before Turkey Day. And I failed miserably. The hubby did get some of them done Saturday, but I was a veg on the couch. No help. Sigh. I am not sure what it is about my work weeks, but my routine on the weekend remains unchallenged. Game on.

It's almost Turkey Day and I have yet to purchase my bird. I also did not find my recipes. And I meant to. I just didn't want to leave the couch. I also did not dig out my table cloth, my napkin rings... sigh. I have only myself to blame if this week is hectic. I think the hubby would be fine if we ate off paper plates with plastic forks and gamed. Every once in a while though, I need the reminder that I am an adult.

I played some COV this weekend as well as DDO. I had a blast and stayed up wayyyyyy too late last night trying to finish off a couple of missions. I do that. I say, "Only one more rank to go." And then I look at the clock and it is 1am. I often wish I had that drive for normal everyday activities.

Anyways, I should look like I am doing some work before the boss gets here.

Oh, someone decided we should have mounts in DDO... This was their suggestion...