My static grouped played on Tuesday.

For those who have not read older posts, a group of 5 of us get together on Tuesday nights for a few hours and adventure together.

We've played faithfully for 11 months now. Our Characters have made a solid 9 in level. As we have grown we've encountered harder and harder quests.

Tuesday, we went back and smacked down an adventure that had caused us a heap of trouble, and well XP debt a few weeks before.


Then we decided to continue on the adventure...

And we got the smack down. I think when we finally logged off that night we were all a couple of thousand in the xp hole and broke from drinking pots and repairing our equipment from our many many deaths.


But it sure was fun as heck.

On another note, the fall ball is tonight.
Here is a promo video!

Location: Zawabi's Refuge Amphithe
Server: Thelanis


Posted by Kashka_Coolwater ~ Thelanis Fall Harvest Festival ~

Come and Celebrate the Fall Harvest Festival in Honor of Queen Galifar

A public server event hosted by
The Order of the Sword and Rose
The Fellowship of The Golden Night

November 8th, 2007
~ 9 pm EST
Zawabi's Refuge Amphitheater

Trivia Contest!
Dressed Competition!
General Mayhem!

So come on out in your best dressed finery and celebrate the fall ball!!!