Last night was interesting.

We all knew DDO was going to have some downtime for maintenance yesterday. The forums were down, so I couldn't even surf the discussions while at work. I was feeling the shakes when I got home. I clicked on the Icon to start up the game... and WHAMMY!

LAST UPDATED: November 26 6:30PM EST (-5 GMT)

The DDO and LOTRO game servers and forums are still unavailable and we're working diligently to get them back online. Unfortunately negotiations with the Hamsters that power the servers have broken down. They demand larger running wheels, more carrots, and specially imported canadian redwood woodchips for their beds. Any decent person can see this is unreasonable, so we've released the cat on them.

UPDATE: Jim from maintenance has almost finished cleaning up whats left of their captain hamster.

UPDATE: Nina from accounting has authorized the 12 dollars needed to buy and train replacements for the servers. She is on her way to the pet store as we speak.

Please watch this message for any updates; we'll post an ETA if one becomes available. Thank you for your patience during the downtime, and please accept our apologies for the inconvenience!

Stormreach went into a panic. Gamers everywhere stressed out wondering how to get out of doing the dishes or spending time with their spouse.

Honestly, the sheer panic and terror tells me there are some people out there with some serious addiction issues. The Forums turned into a major flame fest. Everything was being said and discussed.

Personally, I logged in a couple of hours in City of Villians with the hubby. I watched Chuck on NBC, it's a geeky show. I just love it. We cooked a shepherds pie for dinner. And then before I went to bed I checked back in on the forums and giggled myself to sleep.

I am a girl gamer. And some weeks I have no life. But last night proved I have found a way to balance my worlds. Nice surprise :)

This video is hilarious. Ghoste, who runs the Warfordged nights over on the Argonessen Server, put together this great video a few months ago. I hadn't seen it until now. Laughed myself silly at the office.