Clear eyes

Voice chat is a wonderful thing. I use it all the time. In DDO you can use voice chat in parties. And I love it. Quick easy communication... and jokes are funnier :)

There are times though when you want to throw your mic away and your headset in the trash. Last night was one of these times.

I have never cared about the sound of voices. In all honestly there are only a few I have ever paid attention to. My mother's voice can still make me stop and my heart stammer. James Earl Jones has a voice I want to hear everyday. MMMMM

Last night I had a player in my group who had a very different kind of voice. Ben Stein has made a career out of his voice. This Wizard could be his voice stunt double. Nice guy I think, it's just I couldn't get past the voice.

I was playing late. Really really late. And about 1 am, I am trying not to sleep in the middle of a raid wondering why I had let myself get talked into another run when I needed to go to bed.

Wizard is trying to give directions to a group of Tinted Faces who could do the blasted thing in their sleep. Now mind you we did have a couple of newbs along who were learning, but we didn't need the constant commentary being done.

Ok. I was grumpy. I was tempted to use a grease spell and let him fall of the bridge into the air below and be out of the raid for good. Not nice of me though. So I didn't. Sigh. In the end we failed the raid. I kinda knew we were gonna though. Big Mr. Know it all Wizard wanted to know if he could use Cloudkill on a Construct. ROFL Since the baddy was made out of metal and not breathing I don't think a cloud of poison was gonna do much to him.

Then Mr. Know it all Wizard wanted to know if he should use ice storm on the Dragon. Ummm NO! It's a storm. We are in a raid. We don't want ice falling everywhere during a raid not to mention agroing things...SIGH!

I may need a nap. Just thinking about how helpful people can be is making my head hurt.

"Clear Eyes" I can hear the guy saying over and over again in my head.