Videos and podcast

I have signed up with xfire. That's the tag you see at the top of the page. I finally got it fixed so it would count the hours I play ingame correctly. Here for a little while it was only counting 1 hour for every session, but now it should work right.

This weeks podcast has been up for a few days. You can go here and listen to it. We are very excited because this next week Jerry is going to be interviewing the head of DDO Kate Piaz. Should be an awesome show.

Last week the DDOcast got together and ran Tempest Spine neekid. It was a blast. Here are a couple of videos Rheebus the Rogue made of our hilarious run. I was drinking screwdrivers, the quest was buggy as heck since we were running on the test server this was to be expected, and we had a GM come help us get unstuck a couple of times who had a great sense of humor.

So enjoy :)

Rheebus's top ten of the week---Part 1

Part 2