So I really really want to play Halo 3... and since I am not buying and Xbox until Christmas, I have had to content myself with other pursuits.

I told the hubby I wanted a game we could play together. He bought Madden 2007. Sigh. I love football. I mean I really really love football, but I am also super competitive. He payed his fav team the Patriots, and I played mine the Dallas Cowboys. Both had great record so it was a pretty even match. I had never played a football video game, so I was a little behind the curve. I ended up throwing the wireless controller across the room. Luckily it survived. He decided maybe sport games were not such a good thing.

So the other night I come home and fine Battlefront 2 on the coffee table. I do not have a lot of experience with fast paced First Person Shooter games. I lack Twitch skills. Let me tell ya though, I am having a blast. We decided to play through the game story together. I basically let him solo any flying mission. Good lord... I am all over the map and all we hear is "Get back to the battlefield solider." The hubby just throws me a look and laughs.

We have fun. Gaming is one of those pleasures that we both enjoy. We have have both been extremely stressed by our personal life of late and we needed to find a way to enjoy life together.

An MMO is great for us, but we have a guild, and friends and so we had to step back for a few days and try and just enjoy being with each other.

Besides, I can always shoot him with a laser and pretend it was an accident while fighting battle droids or something :)