I have been a slacker on the blog the last couple of weeks for which I apologize.



Verizon sucks.

I have their DSL at the house. Everytime it rains the DSL goes out. Ugh. We've called to have them come out and check the insulation on the box, but to no avail.

It prevented the hubby and I from playing with our Tuesday night Static Group, which really made me scream and yell.

We did play in our Wednesday night group. The WF nights went adventuring in Stormcleave and beat the big bad fire giant down.

Alot of things have been happening in the game. We had a new Mod. It's buggy in some places, but in truth it's a beautiful thing.

Turbine has a new CEO. I don't know what it is going to mean for the direction of DDO, but I am hopeful only good things are on the horizon.

The new podcast went up on Monday and DDO and Turbine are changing things up a bit. Please listen here.

That's it for me. I am back to put my nose to the grindstone here at the office.