As you can see from my x-fire tag, I overloaded on game time this weekend. I had fun though.

Friday night Jerry over at the DDOcast ran a contest on Sarlona for Lvl 3 characters. It was a ton of fun. I barely made the lvl 3 cut (I had 3 monutes left when I hit the trainer to lvl to 3 lol.) He had a footrace, a knowledge quiz, a PVP event, a vendor (know your game) event and a solo a quest event. I didn't do too bad. In the PVP event I managed to hide out with my WF rogue in some water and was the last to die. It was awesome being sneaky and pulling that off. I had no chance in a PVP battle LOL. Overall I came in third :)

Saturday I ran a dragon raid, and did some recruiting for the guild.

Picture of the dragon

Overall it's been a good weekend so far, although I think I am going to have ot spend most of today cleaning and getting ready for the work week UGH! Being responsible kinda sucks huh.

The new DDO Podcast should be up sometime tomorrrow night. I will try and link it in here when it is ready :)